Thursday, September 26, 2013

Great news and a Contest!

Good morning everyone! I want to start out by announcing that our etsy shop is live. We have many design options for you to chose from! Please take a moment and check it out. We love feed back, so please let us know what you think! Runnin' 4 Rainbows Etsy

And now onto the contest!

We are hosting a referral contest on our facebook page! All you have to do is like our page, then share the contest on your time line. Ask your friends to come like our page as well and leave a comment telling us that you sent them. The person who has the most referrals will win a shirt of their choice for FREE.

As a bonus, every fan will be entered into a drawing to receive 50% off of a shirt!

The contest runs until Wen. Oct. 2, 2013 at midnight. Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Runnin' 4 Rainbows

Do you like running? I mean for fun? Not a life or death "Zombies are chasing me" scenario. Just Really enjoy running? I never thought I would. My sister has always been the runner in my family. She runs Marathons and I always thought she was nuts. I never saw the draw to physical exertion. Then I discovered "fun runs". Now my runs are only 5k's, where my sister, a marathon runner will always run circles around me. But I enjoy my happy little bubble of 5k fun running capability. I am far from the fastest out there, not the most physically fit individual, nor do I aspire to one day run along side my sister in a marathon. No I will always keep to smaller goals then that. I will run with my friends and kids, in funny outfits, for charity runs, where people may throw colored powder at us as we pass by, where it might be pouring rain and we are still giggling along the way, posing for pictures that I am sure some people will never understand. But here in these times is where I can find my peace. it is where I am reminded that there are so many people out there just like me. People who aren't afraid to get a little dirty, with a rather large group of strangers, dancing on stage in front of said strangers, meeting people I never would have otherwise met in my entire life, and most of all remind me that with all the bad in the world these are the days when I can see with my own eyes smiles on thousands of faces!

Like I mentioned before, people wear funny outfits to these runs. You will see many people, even men, in tutus. Others in Fairy wings, super hero capes, wigs, funky knee high socks, and so much more. People of all ages and all walks of life. And I am among them at every run I have done.

This is my team "The Doll Face Divas" and I at The Color Run in Tempe, AZ. this past Jan.We all had mini sailor hats, and our tops we accented with "Doll Face Divas" across the back, and an anchor on the front. It was pouring rain and rather cold that day. But it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. All the planning leading up to race day, especially creating my teams outfits. W were determined to wear as much white as possible knowing we would be covered in powder during the run. And boy did we ever!

After participating in the Color Run in Jan. I got a taste for just how crazy some dress for their runs. And how creative some people are. So when planning our next run for May of this year. I used what I had seen before as inspiration for our outfits. I wanted something that would pop when we went through the color zones. Then I remembered that at my first color run how well our anchors designs showed through the color that was all over our clothes. So I decided to do our shirts in white designs. At the starting line they were very difficult to see. But once we went through the color zones our designs showed very well, as you can see in these pictures...

Since this run I have had so many compliments and questions about making them similar shirts. Which lead to me creating Runnin' 4 Rainbows. Where I make and sell shirts specifically geared towards the fun runs where you get covered in that wonderful colored powder, such as The Color Run, Run or Dye, Color Me Rad, Color Vibe, and so on. I have personally designed each image I offer. Some have been special requests that have been to awesome not to share, others are common sayings for these types of runs. It is just my way of helping to add to those smiling faces at each of these races across the country. And helping people in Runnin' For Rainbows too!